Registration and Breakfast - 8 am

Intro & Successful Websites -

Welcome: State of the Web

Joshua Simmons, Bluebird Interactive

Design Deliverables & A Dose of Inspiration

Melissa Crain, New Skin Media

What makes good web design? Successful design is often subjective, but we can define it in a few different ways: intuitive content strategy, attention to personal details, and understanding of new CSS3 rules. By focusing on what is important to different types of clients, we can learn to use these tools to design a site that is successful by many standards.

Development: They're Doing It Right

Cole Geissinger, Foreach Studios

Today's web development has evolved into being more than just HTML. The bar has been raised, and the expectations and skill set from today's developer has moved beyond the code. We'll over look a few exceptional websites that are beautiful both visually and structurally. We'll disect these websites and learn what common tricks are being used to achieve these designs and make them usuable and intelligent.

Marketing: Ways & Means

Shana Ray, Digital Marketing + Social Relations Strategist

Marketing has transformed over the past five years. Social media marketing is no longer thought of as just a trend. We will go over some case studies of how "social" marketing has taken over. 

Workflow for the Modern Web

Ben Klocek, Bracia

It's no mystery that building websites for the modern web affects workflow considerably. Static comps passed from designer to developer with nary a word no longer suffice. An integrated team, all involved from the beginning is becoming a necessity for successful site launches. Ben will share some of the industry best practices that can help smooth out the design and development process for building modern websites. 

Morning Break -

Prelunch Socializer -

Designer & Developer Panel

Ben Klocek, Bracia

Chris Denny, The Engine is Red

Michael Slater, Webvanta

Building sophisticated websites requires a range of disciplines, including visual design, interaction design, information architecture, front-end development, and back-end development. How are these tasks best divided among team members, and how can they coordinate and work together most efficiently? 

Breakout Session A: Designer & Developer

Melissa Crain, New Skin Media

Cole Geissinger, Foreach Studios

Breakout Session B: Social Media & SEO

Phil Hershkowitz, The Press Democrat

Shana Ray, Digital Marketing + Social Relations Strategist

Getting Plugged In: Community Resources

Melissa Crain, New Skin Media

Lunch - 12:15 pm

The Particulars -

Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity

Michael Slater, Webvanta

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets is radically changing the web world. At the same time that it allows the web to penetrate ever more deeply into our lives, it adds a variety of challenges for designers and developers. Should you build mobile sites or apps? Is it better to use responsive design or create separate pages for mobile? How can you build apps that leverage your web skills? Michael will share his perspective, the result of building dozens of mobile sites and apps in the past year, on these questions. He will provide a roadmap for designers to follow in choosing a strategy and address specifically the challenges of the iPhone and Android platforms, as well as the roles that technologies such as jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap can play. 

Understanding Mobile Payments

Pragati Rai, X.commerce

Mobile payments are gaining increasing traction all over the world. It is believed that by 2020, cash and credit cards could be replaced by swiping smartphones. This session provides a deep dive into mobile payments and discusses different monetizing strategies that companies are using. We discuss the enabling technologies for mobile payments and interesting use cases that these technologies bring. Tips and tricks for using payments securely on mobile devices are also presented. 

Information Architecture: Making Method of Madness

Joshua Simmons, Bluebird Interactive

Security 101: Common Vulnerabilities & Tools

Carlton Sue,

Covering the basic process an application security auditor is likely to perform. The goal of this talk is to help web designers be aware of common vulnerabilities in JavaScript, PHP, SQL and more. Participants will be introduced to OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) and Burp Suite for app testing, with instruction on zenmap and a touch of metasploit for web programmers who manage their own servers. ZAP and Burp Suite are tools used by security researchers to quickly detect vulnerabilities, in some cases this might be all they use. Zenmap is a device/network profiling tool that can provide detailed information on devices, and metasploit is a tool for getting access to equipment running older software. Time willing talk may also cover wifi safety and encryption to keep admin passwords off public internet

Building for Everyone: ADA Compliance

Corrine Haverinen, Santa Rosa Junior College

Opening up the power of internet to everyone. Whether developing Web materials for education, government or private industry, knowledge and adherence to ADA compliance laws should be a strong consideration if not a requirement. A brief examination of Section 508 law, guidelines to follow, and resources for accessible Web development and testing. 

Afternoon Break -

The Big Picture -

The Art of Self Promotion

Zack Darling, Zack Darling Creative Associates

In a world where every web business and design freelancer are battling for the spotlight, sometimes getting the attention you need can be a daunting task! Join me for a lively interactive presentation in which we'll explore some easy and effective practices that will help build goodwill within your community, spread the word about why you're fantastic, refine your "elevator pitch" and attract enthusiastic clients to your business. The last ten minutes of the presentation will be a fun group self promotion session in which you'll have the chance to pitch your business in 30 seconds or less to everyone in the room. 

A Road Map for Delivering Better Websites

Jeri Hastava, Leap of Faith Web Design

Ready or not, quality content is taking back the web; findable, actionable, measurable and shareable (FAMS™) content that people care about. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask Google’s fun-loving Panda. So how do we embrace this new - I mean old - paradigm? Put yourself in the driver’s seat with a content road map that will show you the best way to reach your destination.

"A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there." — H. Stanley Judd

Law & The Internet

Chris Stoll, WorldWide Digital Media

Using Facebook's voluminous and illustrative history of litigation, as well as his own personal experience in over a decade of publishing websites and creative media, Chris will take us through a fun, funny, and simple outline of what the practical implications of the law are for web developers and their clients. 

Lean, Mean, Agile Development

Caleb Adam Haye, Fire, Inc.

Tool Talk, Workflow Panel

Joshua Simmons, Bluebird Interactive

Cole Geissinger, Foreach Studios

Michael Slater, Webvanta

Thanks, Prizes, & After Party

Joshua Simmons, Bluebird Interactive